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Everything we saw at the Hotelia Lobby Concept

A waiting area. A reception area. Two definitions of an ordinary lobby, but new extensions through the NOMEN Architects’ approach which was presented at the Hotelia exhibition (10-12 / 11/17).

Hotel rooms are no longer simply rooms. They have a design identity, they create a unique experience. How could their “welcome” area not embrace a similar approach? This is also a factor taken into consideration by the team of “Interior from Greece” which organizes the DPOINT SPACES section of Helexpo’s international hotel equipment exhibition, Hotelia.The belief that a hotel lobby has enriched its role with extroversion and social gathering has given NOMEN Architects the idea to design the “Lobby Concept” as a space of communication, relaxation and socializing – afterwards, the lobby is often open to the general public, beyond travelers. On this multifaceted character has also been based the “Lobby” spatial planning so as to enhance each independent function without excluding the parallel development of another.

Inspiration of the Lobby Concept was the light beam that someone can see in the small atriums or the back yards once he is at the main entrance of a building. At the same time, NOMEN Architects wanted the Lobby Concept to be an inspirational point for professionals from different fields – architects, tourism professionals, hoteliers, tourists, decorators and technical companies. An objective that has been fulfilled and confirmed by the great response and productive debates that it has caused and through which there have been arised concerns and new proposals.

Renowned companies from the areas of decoration, technology and materials contributed to the implementation of the Lobby Concept



Siamatras / www.siamatras.gr


ΑΛΜΑ tzaki /  www.frangos.com.gr


Isomat /  www.isomat.gr


Νούνης /   www.nounis.gr


Chromo Design /  www.chromodesign.com


Klimafot /  www.klimafot.com


Bright / www.bright.gr/EL


Almeco / www.almeco.gr


Mas Marbles / masmarbles.com


Konstantinidis / www.designmotivators.com


Stamatopoulos / www.wisefloor.com


Poofomania / www.poofomania.gr


Καρατζόγλου /  www.karatzoglou.com


ΠΚGlass Works /  www.pkglassworks.gr


Axxion / www.axxionsurface.gr


Μαρμούρης /  www.marmouris.gr


IneHome /  www.inehome.gr


aKaffe / www.alphakaffe.gr

info “Lobby Concept”


Hotelia, 10-12 November 2017


Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Conference Center


Design: NOMEN architects


Organization: Helexpo


Co-organization DPOINT SPACES: Interiors from Greece