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the Architect Show: The leading institution of architecture and design in Greece is fully upgraded.

the Architect Show, the meeting point for the Greek architecture and design community, is opening a new chapter in its successful journey, fully renewed and upgraded. With a comprehensive presentation of the new strategy and visual identity of the Architect Show, hosted in the impressive building of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the organizer Medexpo marked the new era of the institution.

the Architect Show has established itself as the most vibrant institution of innovation, creativity, and collaboration for architecture and design professionals in Greece. The two-day experiential event is an annual meeting point for creators, showcasing the innovation of new materials and technologies, inviting professionals and the wider public to discover, collaborate, inspire, and be inspired.

Left to right: Simone Ciarmoli (CQS), Timo Behrend (DAAily Platforms), Konstantinos Koutsantonakis (DAAily Platforms),
Miguel Queda (CQS), Mariantzela Angelopoulou (Medexpo), Elias Angelopoulos (Medexpo), Prodromos Papadopoulos (DOMa)

This year’s , which will take place on Saturday, December 7th, and Sunday, December 8th, 2024 at the Metropolitan Expo, is being renewed and upgraded through new international collaborations. This evolution and the next steps towards the future are marked by the complete makeover of its image, with the central element being the new logo designed by Ciarmoli Queda Studio (CQS), the creative office that started in Milan and has now expanded its activities to Athens. Simone Ciarmoli, one of the two founding members of CQS, commented, “Inspired by the endless possibilities of architectural space and the timeless values of Bauhaus, the new logo of the Architect Show reflects the depth and dynamism of the institution, as well as its dedication to the power of imagination, innovation, material exploration, and architectural excellence.”

At the same time, a new special installation titled “Camera Con Vista” was also presented, which will open the Architect Show. The project was designed and curated by the CQS team in collaboration with Luun (lighting design) and Eva Papadimitriou (landscape design). Referring to this project, Miguel Queda, co-founder of CQS, emphasized, “This year’s installation reflects the relationship between advanced materials and design with innovative architectural design. These elements serve as an invitation to architects, designers, and professionals to explore new possibilities and transcend traditional design boundaries. Six rooms, six locations where visitors can explore different spaces and their potentials.”

Left to right: Mariantzela Angelopoulou (Medexpo), Elias Angelopoulos (Medexpo), Simone Ciarmoli (CQS), Miguel Queda (CQS),
Prodromos Papadopoulos (DOMa), Konstantinos Koutsantonakis (DAAily Platforms), Timo Behrend (DAAily Platforms)

Enhancing its role as a dynamic platform for collaboration and dialogue, the Architect Show also announced the launch of two new strategic collaborations with the architectural body DOMa and the digital platforms DAAily (ArchDaily and Designboom)Prodromos Papadopoulos, founder of DOMa, stated: “Various collaborations have been proposed to DOMa over time. We chose to proceed with the Architect Show, recognizing the longevity and depth of its work, and wishing to contribute from our side as well.”

Left to right: Prodromos Papadopoulos (founder of DOMa), Konstantinos Koutsantonakis (DAAily Platforms Senior Business Developer),
Timo Behrend (DAAily Platforms Head of Business Development in Europe)

Finally, Konstantinos Koutsantonakis, Senior Business Developer, and Timo Behrend, Head of Business Development in Europe, of DAAily platforms, which receive millions of daily visitors interested in architecture and design, mentioned: “We are delighted to participate in the renewed the Architect Show, undertaking the organization of part of the talks in the tAS talks section. In this way, we serve the core vision of DAAily platforms created to inspire, connect, and empower the architectural community, just as the Architect Show does.”


The highly successful event took place with the illuminated Acropolis in the background, on the rooftop of an architectural landmark of the city, the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The event was opened by Mariantzela Angelopoulou, co-founder and CEO of Medexpo, followed by a greeting from Elias Angelopoulos, founder of Medexpo and the driving force behind the Architect Show, who stated: «the Architect Show was created by Medexpo with the vision to offer inspiration and be a reference point for the architectural community. Greece, and particularly Athens, is today a hub for investments, with significant high-demand projects both in terms of materials and services. the Architect Show actively participates in the dialogue, evolves, innovates, and builds communication bridges between the community of architects and the materials market. Looking to the future, we are expanding our footprint in the Greek and international markets with new collaborations and strategies.”


Mariantzela Aggelopoulou, co-founder and CEO of Medexpo,
Elias Angelopoulos, founder of Medexpo

In this year’s fifth edition of the Architect Show in the upcoming December, the renewed institution will include a comprehensive exhibition of construction materials, technology, architectural products and services, design, and furniture. The main exhibition will be complemented by a dynamic parallel program, which includes an ephemeral exhibition curated by Ciarmoli Queda Studio, and the tAS Talks program curated by DOMa, ArchDaily, and Designboom.

“the Architect Show actively participates in the dialogue, evolves, innovates, and builds communication bridges between the community of architects and the materials market.”

Elias Angelopoulos, founder of Medexpo