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Thriving Presence of 17 Greek Companies at Pure London International Exhibition with Enterprise Greece’s Support

Pure London will take place from 16 to 18 July 2023 (Spring/Summer edition) at the iconic Olympia London. It is the UK’s leading fashion market trade show, showcasing womenswear, footwear, accessories, jewelery and youth fashion.


What’s even more remarkable is the presence of 17 Greek companies at Pure London, with the noteworthy support of Enterprise Greece.


The brands that participate in the exhibition are listed below in alphabetical order:


4Tailors is identified as a Greek fashion women’s brand with a minimalist approach to the modern urban wardrobe. Our philosophy is to design easy-to-wear, essential all-day pieces in modernized versions with timeless aesthetics. At the same time, our collection includes sophisticated evening dresses, combining feminine flair with tomboy looks in simple lines and monochrome pallets.


Founded in 2000, ACCESS FASHION is a contemporary Greek fashion brand dedicated to unique beauty, tough femininity and effortless sophistication.


As a pioneer of Greece’s quintessential islander to urban style, ACCESS FASHION gives its signature to a curated mix of effortless essentials and statement occasion pieces, each crafted with luxurious sensibilities.


The brand’s coveted creations illustrate a pure reflection of its vision – changing the perception of Greek fashion worldwide.


With an enterprising attitude and a strong heritage, ACCESS FASHION has brought innovation and excellence to Greece’s fashion design scene through diverse and ever-changing ideas.


Alexandra Tsoukala is a Greek designer. She started designing and creating handmade sculptural items, jewellery, and fashion items. Growing up in a house where art and construction was prominent, she started experimenting with handmade creations at a young age. She usually works with fabric and metal and her creations are influenced by the country’s climate, traditions, history, and light. Her studies in architecture and dance have also influenced her style. The objects she creates emerge from the material itself and she always keeps in mind that they serve a purpose.


In 2008 she received an excellence award from the Committee of German Manufacturers, at the FORM 2008 Contest. Her creations are sold worldwide, and in 85 museum shops.


AnnaKey is a new and dynamic brand that offers high-quality sunglasses & clothing with stylish and innovative designs. Let’s explore the world of AnnaKey and the products we offer.


Christina Brampti Contemporary Jewelry is a peerless brand originated in Athens, Greece in 2004. Inspired by arts and science curiosity and breaking with tradition, Christina Brampti herself offers a new point of view on contemporary jewelry.


The designer launches many different collections, with the intention of merging art with the intimacy of jewelry.


With a thoughtful balance of tension and volume, Christina Brampti re-contextualizes jewelry into original arrangements, geometric shapes while she reimagines them with modern silhouettes.


All the designs deliver the experience of art through simple and valuable objects as they are remaining innovative, unexpected, and definitely one-of-a-kind.


Coocu was launched in July 2013 and targeted women’s fashion casual until 2017.


Coocu name connects love and attitude, Coo as a word represent emotions & cu culture.


2017 was the beginning of our resort garment, one collection of which we are specialists today.


This collection is made entirely in Greece by Greek designers who focus on natural fabrics such as comfortable cotton, cool linen, and airy silk.


Our Greek heritage, architecture, and the surrounding nature all serve as sources of inspiration. Our light summer dresses and caftans, as well as our beach tunics with exquisite embroidery and jacquard patterns, are derived from traditional, folkloric, and ethnic motifs.


Coocu resort-style clothing and evening attire caters to women of all ages. To make every woman feel and look beautiful, our designs combine ease and comfort with sustainability and fashion.


At flowers & leaves, we were born out of a deep-seated desire to upcycle materials that would otherwise go to waste. We believe that even the so-called “wasted” materials can find new purpose and be transformed into something extraordinary. By merging the realms of fashion, fine materials, and environmental ethics, we create a harmonious blend that gives industrial waste a new lease on life.


Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words. We are dedicated to incorporating a zero-waste approach into every facet of our company. This commitment manifests itself in the meticulous craftsmanship and unique, non-recurring appearance of our products. Each item carries a handmade character, ensuring that no two pieces are ever identical.


At flowers & leaves, we take immense pride in offering high-quality, one-of-a-kind products that hold a piece of our passion and dedication. We firmly believe that diversity is a cornerstone of our brand. With every creation, we embrace the notion that our products will always be different, always be diverse, and always be unique.


GEORGIA CHARAL’S creations are artisanally made in Georgia Charal’s studio in Athens. Each piece is handcrafted, unique and individual, incorporating various materials and modern designs. The passion for craftsmanship and design inspired her to experiment on new techniques and explore the boundaries between ancient fashion and modern art. The designer finds a balance between visual intrigue and practical wearability and it is at the heart of her vision. Georgia Charal plays with geometrical shapes and gemstones and creates fine jewelries reviving the ancient art of jewel making. She works with fine metal materials of the highest quality transforming her creations into wearable works of art.


Creating the AΘΕNIAN TOUCH COLLECTION, the designer has given the names of the Nereids who according to Greek mythology, were nymphs who were worshiped as goddesses of the sea.


Georgia Charal expresses creativity with grit and personality in a disruptive version of femininity. Futurism is the reflection of her presence in the precious jewelry world.


Haris Cotton founded in 1975 is an independent apparel brand based in Athens Greece.
The company is defined by airy sophisticated styles rafted from natural fabrics and organic dyes. Designs inspired by ancient Greek and Greek land space, best fit into chic resort surroundings.
The brand stays committed to sustainability by using ecofriendly production practices and materials. Linen, cotton, viscose takes a more modern, structured, glamorous and yet relaxed feel in Haris Cotton designs.


The company has a very strong presence in the Greek market with its own Haris Cotton retail stores located in Athens, Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu, Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and an extensive network of retail spots all over Greece. At present, Haris Cotton has a large network of B2B collaborators, distributors and retailers all over South America, Central America, North America, Europe and Australia.


The keys to our success can be summarized in: Quality, Team and Business Loyalty.


A universe of spontaneous creativity, realized in handcrafted jewellery of great artistry.


Semi-precious stones, silver, brass, metal, crystals, bone, wood, rope, corals, get transformed, through elaborate processes, into jewellery with character; which, in some magical way, incorporates the personality of the wearer.


Line Πlanet is an eco-conscious brand that supports the global sustainable and ethical fashion movement, respecting people, animals and the environment and offering products that are designed to last.


Our designs combine minimalism, geometry and elements of Greek mythological influence. Most of the clothes can be combined in more than one way, encouraging every woman to be as creative and unique as she feels.


At the same time, the brand is expressed by the moral, as the products are made of environmentally friendly materials (Baboo, cotton linen) and produced entirely in Greece, thus completely changing the look and style!


Through continuous search we shape the current Greek identity by creating authentic and quality products.


nudo monk is a metaphor for a feeling. The words describe the sensation of presenting naked and unmasked in front of the sacred, the holy or the majestic. Pure silk is the medium of such transcendental experiences and we believe that, with all the power we have. We believe that, so strongly, we decided to bring the feeling into material existence.


«Made by hand and nature» is our slogan which encapsulates our brand and our products appeal.


Handcrafted with traditional techniques and sustainable natural materials, our products are more than just lifestyle items.They are an inspiration!


Our founder Alex is the heart of Pure Yellow; he is a nature enthusiast, eco-conscious, a sportsman and a keen traveller. While on a trip scouring through alleyways and backstreets and stumbling upon small stores with beautiful handmade things in a far city, he got up with the idea of turning his passion for travel to an eco-conscious business.


He left a comfortable career in finance and multinational companies to pursue his dream; to expand his world, meet new people, experience new cultures. Very soon he incorporated Pure Yellow and set off for exotic destinations to fill up a container with beautiful handcrafted things that hold a story, things that could make a difference for peoples lives. Deep in his gut, he got this feeling that following his passion and doing things he loved more, everything would work out perfectly… And it did!


Discover the SANDY TZATZOU world and ”make your life blossom” .


SANDY TZATZOU is a clothing brand that empowers women to embrace their uniqueness and feel not only confident but happier too.


The finest fabrics and materials are carefully sourced allowing for a soft, natural and pleasant touch on the skin, so as to offer comfort and style. All design elements are integrated with aesthetics evoking delicacy, elegance and finesse. So as to create an experience to cherish.


Explore our collections and feel your heart blossom!


SIBYLLA DELPHICA is an eco-conscious luxury designer brand, based in Greece. Our creations attire the modern, bohemian, and simple chic, and classic style. Our goal is to create appreciable pieces, made with lots of love and care. Each SIBYLLA DELPHICA design is handcrafted in Greece, by skillful artisans and with the highest quality of materials.


Our designs are inspired by the natural beauty of Greek islands, the fascinating blue tones of the Aegean Sea, and the clear sky. They offer an elegant, dramatic and timeless presentation.


Our creations imbue each piece with a unique sense of artistry and aesthetic that has been shaped by the Hellenic culture and its rich Mediterranean heritage. We take pride in our unique craftsmanship culture and passionate approach to perfecting our craft developed through more than 15 years of creativity & innovation.


Among our products are hand-decorated greek leather sandals, hand made and hand-painted hats, handwoven bags using the traditional crochet art, all inspired by Greek culture and traditions, and all made in Greece by our skillful artisans.


SORBET ISLAND’s creations conjure up an aura of magical vacations inspired by the surrounding enchanted Aegean landscape. All items are carefully crafted in Greece by a passionate team of artisans using premium materials, and are designed based on the principles of inclusivity, authenticity and positivity.


Driven by good energy and ageless youthfulness, SORBET ISLAND always keeps close to heart the same warmth inherent in its beginnings. In 2014, founder Sophia Mamas embarked on a personal venture to make customised friendship bracelets for her loved ones. What began as a hobby to create handmade tokens of appreciation for her friends organically developed into a business. It ultimately evolved into the multi-brand it is today, when she discovered a fabric called crinkle. She knew she had come across something special as this magical material offered a versatility which supported every body type in a flattering, fashionable and inclusive way, completely aligning with the brand’s ideals.


SORBET ISLAND’s philosophy of confronting the status quo and embracing all forms of beauty without stereotypes is demonstrated throughout all our ONE SIZE collections which comfortably fits XS-XXL, A to G cup.


Established in 2019, WE COSS is a Greek clothing brand that combines superior style with great quality and fitting .


Our main goal is to make every woman wearing our clothes feel unique and chic


WE COSS is providing clothes to more than 300 shops in Greece and more than 8 countries worldwide like Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and many more.

For additional details regarding the Greek companies participating in Pure London 2023, please refer to the provided link: click here